Saturday, August 28, 2010

Simply Spectacular

What an incredible day for the Cutthroat Classic Trail Run! Thank you everyone for coming out and thanks again to our sponsors Backcountry Coffee, Blue Sky Realty, Chewuch Inn,Central Reservations, Sunflower Wash Works and Winthrop Mountain Sports. Enjoy the photos.

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Josh said...

Nice photos!

Here is a little poem about the race today, not sure where to post it:

Cold granite air this morning
Icy mist suspended at Rainy Pass
Everyone fresh from it, milling, stretching, jogging, coffee-fueled conversations,
Friendly excitement, laces tied tight, toes stretching, rubbing thighs,

Floating easy, light, smooth over rocks and roots and creeks
In the forest then up into the low meadows, moist with melting mist-frost.
Up to subalpine firs and frosthoar, and up again onto the rock flanks,
The tiny flying frigid steps, the ball of energy in my abdomen,
Flickering, surging me forward, smooth when I follow its flow.

Then finally, the granite pass, emerging gently, after all.
A moment there, the peaks and valleys, the morning sun, and then,
Sailing, arms out
Down, from 6800 feet, feet light
Speed, and air at last.

Pounding down switchbacks,
Side-stepping, quick-stepping, striding, sprinting smooth sections,
Quadriceps becoming tight,

Then, in the sunny subalpine valley,
The voice of the forest stopping me short, to listen
To nothing and everything, for a second,
Runners passing,
A minute,
Head fizzy from altitude,
Huffing, heaving, sweating,
What is this valley? What is here?

Gentle Pasayten wilderness,
Tall dry granitic peaks, scrubby trees.
Quieter in these mountains,
Standing, realizing this.
Peaceful here.

Exhaling a deep breath,
Turning back to the trail,
Surging forth, and driving legs,
Down through midland forest
Over the bridge,

by Josh Robins (#243)