Friday, September 29, 2017

Let's make another trail great again!

The Methow Valley Trails Collaborative (MVTC), in partnership with Methow Trails and the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife is seeking support for one of the most accessible and beloved trails in the Methow Valley...Lewis Butte and Riser Lake!

The project would cover 8.4 miles of trail around Riser Lake and Lewis Butte with an overall improvement of the existing trail tread and design, new sustainably built trail around environmentally sensitive and damaged sections, and rehab work on old unused road scars.

The goal of the Riser Lake and Lewis Butte project is to create a sustainable, multi-use trail. Without this project sections of this trail may be closed or impassable in the near future.

This project builds on the success of our first Save-A-Trail project on Burch Mountain where over 70 individuals gave 350+ hours to restore the Burch Mountain trail.

YOU CAN HELP by financially supporting this project through the GIVE METHOW campaign.  Pitch in and join other trail lovers in improving one of the Methow Valley's beloved trails.