Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Trail Party Every 3rd Thursday 8am -12noon

Ready to do more for the trails you love?  

Here's a fun opportunity every third Thursday of the Month when Jon leads our community in a trailwork party.  Join us for just a couple of hours a month to enhance the trails.  We will post here and on Facebook the meeting location for each event. Fill a pack with water, snacks and gloves. Meet us at the designated trailhead at 8:00am and get introduced to some new friends. We will spend the morning together enhancing trails until no longer than 12:00 noon. You can also contact Jon at jon@methowtrails.org to find out more information.

We would love to see you there you there!

Thursday, April 21- THANK YOU! 12 people put in 48 hours of trail work in just 4 hours making a ski trail in Mazama that much greater and helping us dismantle some old bridges!

Thursday, May 19-  Trail work on the Rendezvous trails.  Work will include pruning and removing of trees on the road bed and in the ditch on either side. We won’t need tread tools but would be interested in you bringing pole saws or loppers .  We have a full quiver of tools that we’ll bring as well and should be able to keep a large group busy.  Let’s meet at the Barn to carpool around 7:30 or meet at Cub Creek Trailhead around 8.  Bring the usual water, snack, boots, long sleeves and pants, and sunscreen etc.  Please email Jon@methowtrails.org if you can join us!  

Thursday, June 16-
Please join us for a Sun Mountain focused trail work session on Bridges this next Thursday, June 16th.  At this point we plan to tear out the Upper Fox Bridge, repair the small bridge near the Patterson Lake Cabins on the Cabin trail and improve the approaches to the lower Fox bridge.  There will also be some brushing as well as other merriment.  We will  meet at the barn to carpool at 7:30am and at the cabins parking lot at 8:00am (if you would like to drive separately).  Bring along a pair of gloves, water, a snack, sunscreen and any tools you are dying to use.  We’ll work from 8am-12noon. 

Thursday, July 21-
Please join us for some trailwork on the popular Patterson Lake trail at Sun Mountain.  Cascade will lead us in some rock work as well as some enhanced tread work and brush cutting.  We will meet at the Winthrop Barn to carpool at 7:30am and at the Patterson Lake Cabin parking lot just before 8:00am. Bring a pair of gloves, water, as snack, sunscreen and any tools you would like to us. Methow Trails will also supply tools.  We will work from 8:00am - 12:00noon.

Thursday, August 18
We’re excited to enhance the Winthrop Trail from the bottom of the trail through Powers Plunge.  We will work on brushing, and organizing some brush for a chipper we will rent in October as well as stacking some four foot logs, this is more of the work to improve winter sections that get snow starved and dirty from thick tree cover.  We may also have some gravel to spread in a section that collects water.  Bring the usual water, snack, gloves and a hand saw if you have one you like.  We could also use a few iron rakes.  I’ll try to have most of the chainsawing work done so that we can avoid the noise and hazard of working around that.
Lets meet at TT at 7 am on Thursday, we’ll be done by 11 at the latest.  We’ll do our best to fill up that parking area, if we need overflow we can park across the road on the trail past the Eagle Pine Chalet.  Thanks in advance for the help, I look forward to seeing you. 

Thursday, September 15
NEW TRAIL bulding!  The best kind of party.  We will be joining forces with Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance on a new trail that will give us a great single track option skirting the Hough Homestead taking you all the way to the start of Black Bear.  The trail is marked with pin flags and partially built and if we have a good turnout we should be able to mostly finish it.  Bring your bikes you may want to ride this to test out your handy work. Bring the usual water, a snack more healthy than doughnuts, and likely long pants and boots.  Also bring any tread tools you have access to including iron rakes, McCloud’s and trail hoes. We will meet at the Chickadee Trailhead at 8:00am and work until 12:00pm. (or as long as you are able to stay!) 

Thursday, October 20 : CANCELLED -  We will try to reschedule - Stay tuned.  
This month we have an incredible opportunity to work on a BRAND NEW TRAIL. We are teaming up to assist the Pearrygin Lake State Park staff on completing the much anticipated Rex Derr trail that will add 6 miles of trail all the way around the lake!  Meet at the State Park main (East) entrance just before our 8:00am start. As you drive in the park past the entrance booth turn right into the large shop complex. We will work until 12:00 noon or as long as you are able to stay.  This new trail is stunningly beautiful.  Bring any rakes or tread tools you may have. Also bring water bottle, gloves, and some snacks.  This trail is a great addition to our valley!  Hope you can join us.

Meet our new Trails Technician: Cascade Hahn

Methow Trails is excited to announce that Cascade (Cass) Hahn has been hired as our new Trails Technician. Cass brings 13 years of experience building trails, bridges, and structures for North Cascades National Park. He is also lead historic preservation projects all over the Northwest with a specialty in log construction. He brings additional experience in grooming ski trails in Tahoe, Schweitzer, and Loup Loup Ski Bowl. In addition, Cass has worked for the US Forest Service building trail in Wyoming, Utah, and for the Methow Valley Ranger District. 

As Trails Technician, Cass' primary focus will be to help develop and maintain summer trails in the Methow Valley as well as refine our winter amenities. You are sure to see him in the coming months on the trails. 

Monday, April 4, 2016

Sunflower Team Names

We love the creativity of team names each year for the Sunflower Relay.  Here's the competition for 2016.

20th anniversary team 
Coasties With The Mosties 
Can You Beer Me Now? 
Alicorn Rising 
One More! 
Jeff's Angels 
Girls run
Happy Paces 
Still Undecided 
Left Coast Runners
Chics in the Met How!
Molasses Crew 
Ass Crackers 
Arse Crackers  
The Parents 
Bedard Express 
Saturday Sole Sistas 
Money Slide 
Victorius Secret 
Solid Gold Prancers 
Ridge Runners 
The Wolfpack 
Cake & Steak 
3 Moons 
Road Dogs 
Sole Sisters 
Naughty Ninjas 
Sons Of Guns 
Merry Makers 
Scandalous Scamps 
Crazy Cats 
Dancing Dudes 
Bodacious Babes 
You Only YOLO Once 
Power Puffs 
Weak Links #1 
Weak Links #2 
Humphrey's Kids 
Ladies of the Dawn 1 
Three's Company! 
Ladies of the Dawn 2 
The Firecrackers 
Grown Ass Women 
Team 42 
Super Steeres 
Rain Doggies 
Ram Fam 
Jua Kali Runners 
4 Old Hens and a Chick 
Flying Tin Mamas 
The McCrickets 
Not that fast as we look 
Endorphin Junkies 
Three's Company 
To Slow To Win To Dumb To Quit 
Thee's company 
Parsnip Wranglers 
Team Trail Chix 
Where the Wild Things Run 
Douglas Family 
A Twig & Three Berries 
Fairchild Family 
parsnip wranglers 
Mazama's Revenge 
The Finishers 
Team Bril 
Top 40 
The 10 Minute Mile 
The Ten Minute Mile 
Hill is a Four Letter Word 
United in Bier 
Team Extreme
Team Gregg
Cascade Torrent Salamanders 
Twisp River Rats 
Straight Off the Couch 
Ganbaro Running Club 
There's something about Mary's team 
The Trail Feathers 
Chics in the Met....How?! 
Action Chuggers 
Westside Webfoot Runners 
Endorphin Junkees 
Balsamroot Bettys 
Seattle Sunflowers 
The Sundews 
Lady Birds 
[Insert Creative Name Here]
Disco Run? 
For the love of IPA
Roasting Goat 
The Hardwicks 
The comets 
Fiery Dung Beetles1
Flying Yellow Turtles 
Bleating Hearts 
Run Aloha 
Donuts if we finish 
Five Seattle Gals 
Pedal Stompers 
Girls Run 

Emily Huff- 20th Anniversary Team 
Hill is a 4 Letter Word 
A Twig and Three Berries 
There's Something About Mary's Team
There's something about Mary 
4 Hens and a Chick