Monday, June 28, 2010

Suspension Bridge Update

The bridge work is coming along nicely. We have flashed all the towers and reinforced where needed. The decking has been replaced on roughly 1/4 of the surface and will make the trip across smoother feeling than when it was first built. Dava, Dave, and Liam are doing great work!

As a reminder the bridge has been and will continue to be open every weekend through the maintenance period scheduled to end July 30th. Also the bridge will be open for three total days this weekend. We are keeping the bridge open on Monday July 5th for the holiday weekend.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Summer Mowing Season

With all the moisture we've had this spring/summer the grass has come in higher and quicker on our summer trails. We have been out mowing to knock down the majority of it so enjoy the clear trails. Trails mowed just recently include the Community Trail from Mazama to Browns Farm, Big Valley, Jacks and River Run, and various trails up at Sun Mtn.


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Like a bridge over our favorite waters

ATTENTION:the very popular Tawlks-Foster Suspension Bridge in Mazama will be CLOSED starting June 16th. MVSTA will be re-decking the bridge surface, placing flashing on the tower posts and reinforcing the bridge tower post. This $35,000 project is being performed by MVSTA, your community non-profit trail association and is funded from your purchase of ski trail passes. The bridge will be OPEN on the weekends but closed Monday-Friday June 16th-July 30th.
Stay tuned to this blog for more information regarding the bridge work progress.