Friday, September 29, 2017

Let's make another trail great again!

The Methow Valley Trails Collaborative (MVTC), in partnership with Methow Trails and the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife is seeking support for one of the most accessible and beloved trails in the Methow Valley...Lewis Butte and Riser Lake!

The project would cover 8.4 miles of trail around Riser Lake and Lewis Butte with an overall improvement of the existing trail tread and design, new sustainably built trail around environmentally sensitive and damaged sections, and rehab work on old unused road scars.

The goal of the Riser Lake and Lewis Butte project is to create a sustainable, multi-use trail. Without this project sections of this trail may be closed or impassable in the near future.

This project builds on the success of our first Save-A-Trail project on Burch Mountain where over 70 individuals gave 350+ hours to restore the Burch Mountain trail.

YOU CAN HELP by financially supporting this project through the GIVE METHOW campaign.  Pitch in and join other trail lovers in improving one of the Methow Valley's beloved trails.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Cutthroat Classic Photos

It was a perfect high alpine summer day!  We could not have asked for better weather for the 19th annual Cutthroat Classic! Congratulations to all the runners who powered up and over the mountain!

Here are the photos from the top that you are welcome to download and use as you wish.

One more big shout out to our sponsors and our race support crew. We could not do it without them and you!

Thanks for another great event.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Burch Mountain Success!

You can make a difference and it was proven this weekend at the Burch Mountain Trail project!

56 people showed their love for trails and helped open an iconic high alpine wilderness trail. Well over 300 hours of labor was put into this trail. 46 people also generously donated money equal to $5045 to this project in the Methow Fund Save-A-Trail project which was used for materials.

The next time you ask yourself  "why doesn't the Forest Service open this or that trail" be reminded of Burch Mountain. Often trail projects takes way more time and money than you can imagine!

The Methow Trails Collaborative hopes to continue with this model of encouraging all organizations and individuals to join together to make a big difference on trails. Just a little bit of your time or money combined with all these other people makes the work happen quickly and easily!

An enormous thank you to these people for coming out Saturday, Sunday and for many of them, both days!

Val Hecker
Don Hecker
Ben Goether
Ian Faulds
Paul Sisson
Guylaine Lalonde
Mike Liu
Betsy Smith
Casey Smith
Laurie Dowie
Bichael Bellis
Anne Johnson
Vergeniy Belousov
Dianne Hofbeck
Joe Hofbeck
Robin Beal
Craig Root
Scott Stulka
Nicki McCullough
Doug Gresham
Bob Suntherland
Ben Nelson
Rick Johnson
Tina Devine
Michael Alexander
Gunnar Sigurdsson
Mel Cooke
Christina Wright
Andy King
John Harter
Shawn Siebel
Natiel Kuehler
Laurel Canan
Sara Jinks
Lola Jinks
Evan Canan
James DeSalvo
Tory DeSalvo
Malloch DeSalvo
Sawyer DeSalvo
Brian Drye
Jon Albright
Micheal Taylor
Kristen Smith
Eric Burr
Rick Johnson
Tina Devine
Dave Ward
Teresa Skye
Maddie Eckmann
Teresa Fish
Nick Hershman

These individuals contributed money used on this project as part of the 2016 Community Foundation of North Central Washington, Give Methow Save-A-Trail Project. $5045 was raised for this project.

Clay and Chris Patmont
Tangeman Family
Brendan & Ellie Fields
Martin Straub
Kurt & Susan Snover
Deva and Teresa Harris
Ed Rockwell
Ann Shilling
Kim and Mark Dales
Bill Davis
John and Cindy Button
Char & Ed Alkire
Julia Piasecki
Leslie Luther & Doug Sredinsky
Skip & Betsy Smith
Lucinda McAllister
Dan & Carol Runyon
Peter Bauer
Laurel Canan
Liz and Matt Walker
Cheryl Bellin & James Rauh
Allison Fitzgerald and Bruce Hevly
Don and Bonnie Stevens
Stew Dietz Catering
Brian Drye & Kristen Smith
Big Picture Construction
Dick & Patsy Pattison
Alpine Designs
Paul and Emily Sisson
Steve Oulman
Becky Studen

If you get the opportunity please go enjoy the Burch Mountain Trail.  Hikers, backpackers, equestrians, mountain bikers and trail runners will love it.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017



Methow Trails is seeking a .80FTE (4 day a week), Partnership Manager (PM) to add to our talented team.

This is an opportunity to aid Methow Trails in the mission of connecting people to the special nature of the Methow Valley and supporting community vitality through trails. The PM represents the mission, goals and values of the organization in a clear and inspiring manner to all trail users and supporters. The PM works with the Executive Director (ED) to successfully operate Methow Trails.

The primary focus of the position will be to cultivate and deepen partnerships that secure legal trail access, improve trail quality, ensure organizational funding, and deliver high impact experiences to all trail users. The ideal candidate is an active Methow Trails user and enjoys interacting with our trail community. Candidates must be willing to work weekends when necessary.

Interested applicants should submit a resume and cover letter by e-mail to by Thursday July 13th.

Here is a job description with even more information.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Burch Mountain Trail Party July 22 & 23

Methow Trails and the Methow Trails Collaborative invite you to a unique 2-day trail party in which we strive to re-open the gloriously scenic, high-alpine trail that leads to Burch Mountain and the Pasyaten Wilderness.  

SATURDAY, JULY 22 AND SUNDAY JULY 23 are the weekend dates in which we would love to gather as many people as we can muster to join us in clearing the trail, doing brush work, and signing this 5.5 mile route. If you can join us for one day or two please sign up here or send Jon an email at and we will send you more details. Camping options will be available at the trailhead. Let's make it a full weekend party!  

The Burch Mountain trail has been closed since the 2014 fire. With your help, and the commitment of other local, partner trail organizations in the Methow, we will assist the Forest Service in re-opening this 5.5 mile, incredibly scenic trail to hikers, trail runners, mountain bikers and equestrians.  

If you've never been on this trail here are just a few reasons why you would love to be involved:
  • Views, Views, and more views. This is a high alpine trail with views that rival Maple Pass, Cutthroat, Blue Lake, Easy Pass and Angels Staircase to name a few. 
  • This trail (FS#518) provides one of the easiest access points to the Pasayten Wilderness. In just 5.5 miles you reach the Wilderness boundary with access to 831 square miles of wilderness. 
  • This trail is open to all non-motorized trail uses, hiking, mountain biking, trail running and horseback riding. 
  • The high point of the trail at Burch Mountain is 7,782 feet. (1000 feet higher than Cutthroat Pass). 
  • The high altitude of both the trailhead and the summit make it a great choice on a hot summer day. 
  • The trailhead is exactly 20 miles from Winthrop on a paved forest service road the whole way. 
  • No parking pass is required at the trailhead. 
Please join us. When this trail is once again open, the Methow Valley will have another signature, high alpine wonder to delight every trail user! Without your help this trail will likely remained closed.

If you can join us for one day or two please sign up here or send Jon an email at and we will send you more details.

Volunteers who join us will find cooler temperatures, stunning views and fun community of outdoor recreationalists. Join us for one day or two.

The Methow Trails Collaborative formed in 2016 with a goal of opening and maintaining trails by joining forces for a more efficient and collaborative process.

The Methow Trails Collaborative includes the Methow Valley Ranger District, Methow Trails, Evergreen Mountain Bike Assoication, the Methow Valley Backcountry Horsemen, Methow Snowmobile Association, Washington Trails Association, Pacific Crest Trail Association, Rendezvous Huts, guides and outfitters, backcountry skiing, mountaineering, trail running, dirt biking and ATV clubs.

Additional details:

We plan on meeting up at the trailhead at the end of the Falls Creek road (see directions below) at 8am on Saturday and will start with an introduction, photo and safety briefing but we will keep this very short. The road is quite passable now and getting more work tomorrow to clear some of the debris from the blacktop. Bring any tread tools you have like McLeods, Rogue Hoes, Pulaskis, and we will also be supplying tools for those who need/want them. If you are interested in carpooling or even caravanning to the Falls Creek Trailhead you can meet at the Red Barn in Winthrop at 6:45 and leave by 7am.  It’s about an hour up to the trailhead.

Bring a lunch for each day and we will have some trail snacks as well.  Bring a water bottle and water treatment depending on how much water you can carry, we'll have plenty of water at the trailhead. Bring a backpack, gloves, sunscreen and clothes that you are OK getting sooty.

Our plan is to work a full day on Saturday returning to the trailhead for a BBQ dinner after a dip in the creek.  We will have several BBQ grills and enough Bratts or chicken.  We'll also have condiments and utensils and some drink options including water and some beer.  If you are planning on staying through dinner, please contribute a side dish to this potluck meal, we'll have coolers to put things in if that's an issue.  There is camping at the trailhead and you are welcome to stay there Friday, Saturday and Sunday night.  Sunday will be much like Saturday as far as trailwork and we'll try to get to the summit of Burch Mountain.  There will surely be plenty to still do on this trail after our efforts but with many hands we should make significant progress.

To get to the Trailhead go up the West Chewuch Road 10 Miles from Winthrop and turn Left on to the Falls Creek Road (USFS #5140).  This is the second major left after the East and West Chewuch roads come together.  Stay on the paved road 10 miles until you get to the trailhead at the end.

We look forward to working with you, thank you again for your support of trails

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Sunflower Photos!

WOW!  What a beautiful day it was.  Thank you everyone for participating in one of our favorite events. We hope you had a great time and congratulations to all of you on your effort! It is not an easy course!

Here are photos from Methow Trails of the last leg of the race course. Feel free to download them and use them as you wish.

Here are incredible photos for purchase courtesy of Mitchell IMAGE.

Here too are some video excerpts from today!

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Trail Karma Party

Every third Thursday of the month from 8:00am to 12:00noon our Trail Manager, Jon Albright invites everyone to join us in some inspiring trail projects.

It's the trail projects we do in the summer that fill our trail karma kitty and ensure a big, snowy winter in the months ahead.

Please join us at the next trail location below and/or email Jon at with any questions or to be added to his email party notification list.

Thursday, June 15 

BUCK MOUNTAIN FUN!  We are working on a new gate to make rolling on through even easier! We may also have time to do some brush work. Bring the usual gloves, water, and a snack. We too will have snacks to share, more tools and big water cooler.  Give Jon a quick email if you think you can attend at  Meet at the Winthrop Barn at 7:30am to carpool or the Suspension Bridge parking lot at 8:00am.