Sunday, July 23, 2017

Burch Mountain Success!

You can make a difference and it was proven this weekend at the Burch Mountain Trail project!

56 people showed their love for trails and helped open an iconic high alpine wilderness trail. Well over 300 hours of labor was put into this trail. 46 people also generously donated money equal to $5045 to this project in the Methow Fund Save-A-Trail project which was used for materials.

The next time you ask yourself  "why doesn't the Forest Service open this or that trail" be reminded of Burch Mountain. Often trail projects takes way more time and money than you can imagine!

The Methow Trails Collaborative hopes to continue with this model of encouraging all organizations and individuals to join together to make a big difference on trails. Just a little bit of your time or money combined with all these other people makes the work happen quickly and easily!

An enormous thank you to these people for coming out Saturday, Sunday and for many of them, both days!

Val Hecker
Don Hecker
Ben Goether
Ian Faulds
Paul Sisson
Guylaine Lalonde
Mike Liu
Betsy Smith
Casey Smith
Laurie Dowie
Bichael Bellis
Anne Johnson
Vergeniy Belousov
Dianne Hofbeck
Joe Hofbeck
Robin Beal
Craig Root
Scott Stulka
Nicki McCullough
Doug Gresham
Bob Suntherland
Ben Nelson
Rick Johnson
Tina Devine
Michael Alexander
Gunnar Sigurdsson
Mel Cooke
Christina Wright
Andy King
John Harter
Shawn Siebel
Natiel Kuehler
Laurel Canan
Sara Jinks
Lola Jinks
Evan Canan
James DeSalvo
Tory DeSalvo
Malloch DeSalvo
Sawyer DeSalvo
Brian Drye
Jon Albright
Micheal Taylor
Kristen Smith
Eric Burr
Rick Johnson
Tina Devine
Dave Ward
Teresa Skye
Maddie Eckmann
Teresa Fish
Nick Hershman

These individuals contributed money used on this project as part of the 2016 Community Foundation of North Central Washington, Give Methow Save-A-Trail Project. $5045 was raised for this project.

Clay and Chris Patmont
Tangeman Family
Brendan & Ellie Fields
Martin Straub
Kurt & Susan Snover
Deva and Teresa Harris
Ed Rockwell
Ann Shilling
Kim and Mark Dales
Bill Davis
John and Cindy Button
Char & Ed Alkire
Julia Piasecki
Leslie Luther & Doug Sredinsky
Skip & Betsy Smith
Lucinda McAllister
Dan & Carol Runyon
Peter Bauer
Laurel Canan
Liz and Matt Walker
Cheryl Bellin & James Rauh
Allison Fitzgerald and Bruce Hevly
Don and Bonnie Stevens
Stew Dietz Catering
Brian Drye & Kristen Smith
Big Picture Construction
Dick & Patsy Pattison
Alpine Designs
Paul and Emily Sisson
Steve Oulman
Becky Studen

If you get the opportunity please go enjoy the Burch Mountain Trail.  Hikers, backpackers, equestrians, mountain bikers and trail runners will love it.

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