Sunday, February 8, 2009

Race of the Methow Recap

It was a cold morning until the fire juggler showed up and warmed up the skiers. MVSTA would like to thank all the teams that traveled far and wide to participate in the Race of the Methow-J3 Championships. It was an incredible display of skiing and sportsmanship. We look forward to hosting it again in the future. Congratulations to all the skiers.

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Barn Bicycle camping said...

The entire package that was pulled off at the high school was absolutely something else to behold! The small details from fire jugglers, to the spectator watching areas, to signs, to course marshals, to the paved parking lot, to starters and timers, to the evening dinner (to name only a few) make it all outstanding….think nothing how great the actual course worked. The comments that I over heard were all great. I felt that I had been to some exotic European place were all this was happening, yet it was right here at my high school!

I am sure most people have not a clue what it took to pull this off so seamlessly. Imagining that all happening at Chickadee makes me cringe. I am sure the folks from out of town were equally impressed. The bar has been raised. I hope more in the community will be able to watch this event in the future. Thank you MVSTA, the high school, and Methow Nordic.