Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Grooming just happens.
Ok, that's not true but it is easy to overlook exactly how we get these fabulous trails. This year the MVSTA groomers have had to work with some of the most challenging snow conditions we have seen in years. Yet day after day (or really night after night as that's when they groom), for weeks since our last big snowfall these guys have created what can only be described as magic! The skate skiing in particular has been outstanding! In the darkness of night they know exactly what machine to groom with, what setting to place the blades, where to turn, what pressure to use and everything else needed to produce a quality product. Thank you James, Lance, Jake, Adam, Steve, Kenny, Joe, Liam, Rob, Mike and Jay for another World Class Ski Year! Grooming Happens Thanks to You!

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Targhee said...

Seeing these pics still makes me wistful for the years we had a cabin just a ten minute walk from the Cougar Mountain Loop, that loop is just wonderful and the views from the Gardner Hut are terrific.
Of course, I can't complain too much. I've been able to get 54 days in so far this winter in Connecticut (yes, we do get snow here, away from the coast, and the ski skating on a frozen lake on a sunny day, well, you'd think you were in the Methow).
I'm pleased to see how MVSTA has evolved (we were in the Methow from 1988-1995). Keep up the great work and we'll be there soon to enjoy a few red ales at the Winthrop pub.