Monday, January 5, 2009

The Rink is Hopping

The big opening day was December 20 and it was quick to fill up at the rink. Locals and out of town folks streamed in to skate and have a great time at the skating rink. The ice was quickly created as temperatures plummeted the week prior to the minus 15 level and the opening this season was a few weeks earlier than the 07-08 season. There have been many changes to the place that have enhanced experiences for skaters and those wishing to simply watch! The upstairs viewing room is replete with ping-pong tables and seating to allow those wishing to watch skaters the opportunity to sit in a warm place, new benches were put in to the changing and skate area to make it easy for families and hockey players to gear up prior to hitting the ice, and the sound system is booming with great holiday songs and some taking it back the 70's disco music. There even was an initial attempt to bring the Hokey-Pokey back in style during the rink dedication which took place on Sunday the 28th of December.

Another new addition is the availability of sticks for rent used during Sticks and Pucks time, these are available for $1.00. This has been a big hit with families visiting the valley and with those who have always dreamed of being a hockey player for a day!

An initial offering of drinks available for purchase in the skate office has been introduced with toe and hand warmers also available for purchase to take the chill off while skating or skiing on the Town Trail.

The weather seems to be cooperating with us and we look forward to a great season!

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