Sunday, October 2, 2016

Help us open an incredible high alpine trail

In honor of our 40th Anniversary, Methow Trails is excited to launch our 
"SAVE A TRAIL" campaign!  

"Save a Trail" recognizes that in order to continue to enjoy trails that we all hold so dear, everyone needs to band together and get involved. 

With this year's Give Methow campaign, Methow Trails encourages people to join us in re-opening a magnificent high alpine trail in the Methow Valley. The Burch Mountain trail has been closed since the 2014 fire. With your help, and the commitment of other local, partner trail organizations in the Methow, we will assist the Forest Service in re-opening this 5.5 mile, incredibly scenic trail to hikers, trail runners, mountain bikers and equestrians.  

If you've never been on this trail here are just a few reasons why you would love to be involved by giving today!
  • Views, Views, and more views. This is a high alpine trail with views that rival Maple Pass, Cutthroat, Blue Lake, Easy Pass and Angels Staircase to name a few. 
  • This trail (FS#518) provides one of the easiest access points to the Pasayten Wilderness. In just 5.5 miles you reach the Wilderness boundary with access to 831 square miles of wilderness. 
  • This trail is open to all non-motorized trail uses, hiking, mountain biking, trail running and horseback riding. 
  • The high point of the trail at Burch Mountain is 7,782 feet. (1000 feet higher than Cutthroat Pass). 
  • The high altitude of both the trailhead and the summit make it a great choice on a hot summer day. 
  • The trailhead is exactly 20 miles from Winthrop on a paved forest service road the whole way. 
  • No parking pass is required at the trailhead. 

Please join us. Trail efforts cost money. This trail will require significant chainsaw work, tread work, and new signage.

How much would you pay for an incredible trail experience? $10? $25? $100? When this trail is once again open, the Methow Valley will have another signature, high alpine wonder to delight every trail user! Without your help this trail will likely remained closed.

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