Thursday, February 27, 2014

Grooming til April 1st, Ski Pass Deal, Upcoming Events


MVSTA plans to groom and keep the ski trails open until April 1st this season. An incredible opportunity to ski right into spring.  March provides some of the very best skiing of the year. The sun shines, the days are longer, the temperatures are comfortable and the trails are in great shape.  Follow the MVSTA Grooming Report for daily updates on conditions.

Trail passes will be required through March.  MVSTA is offering a special a season pass now for next ski season and the pass will also be good for the remainder of this year.  Passes are being offered at the early season price of just $275 per person.  You need to ski just 13 times to make a season pass worthwhile and you could do all of that this March alone!   Passes can be purchased at the MVSTA office in Winthrop.

There are a number of great events in March including:

  • 200k Challenge.  If you haven't reached your 200 kilometer goal yet, keep skiing!  You have until March 13 to reach this goal. Then be sure to enter your name on the MVSTA website to be eligible for prizes. 
  • Fat Bike. Have your cycled in the snow yet?   
  • Winthrop Balloon Festival- March 7-9.  As if the Winthrop scenery wasn't incredible enough, over a dozen hot air balloons fill the ski for this festival.  Balloons launch in the morning and you can ski the rest of the day = Perfect!
  • Backyard Ski Day- March 14  MVSTA's final "free ski day" at the Mazama Trailhead. Bring a friend who has never skied before! Come meet some of our groomers, enjoy some food and social time with new and old friends. 
  • Trail Running Film Festival - March 18 at the Twisp River Pub hosted by Rainshadow Running. A great way to get inspired for some trail running after your ski season is all done.  
  • See how great spring skiing is. We filmed this video in March. Note the sunshine, light jackets and fast snow!  

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