Saturday, February 11, 2012

Inspired while skiing

A few days ago I took the MVSTA office dogs out for a ski to Big Valley. It was a beautiful, blue bird day however the wind was blowing like a desert storm. Drifts covered the trail and the visibility at times was nil. After skiing a few minutes, I encountered a skier headed back to her car and she told me, "There is only one other skier crazy enough to be out there in this wind and she is sketching!"  I had to go check it out.

 Skiing up to Susan Gallagher.  Sure enough, she is sketching!

Bundled against the elements and getting inspiration from the mountains! 

 Susan showed me some of her amazing sketches.

The drawing from that afternoon. 


Jana Bouc said...

That's my friend Susie ski-sketching! May I reblog your post on our Urban Sketchers blog? and/or on my blog,

Terrific photos and commentary on your blog.

MVSTA said...

Hi Jana,
absolutely! Thanks for the comment.