Thursday, January 12, 2012

Skiing related iPhone Apps

We have been so blown-away by the excitement around our free MVSTA Grooming Report iPhone app that we thought it would be fun to share some other apps that might appeal to fans of the Methow Valley and avid Nordic skiers. We would love to hear what apps you use and enjoy for your recreational pursuits. Please leave a comment and we will include it on this list. Disclaimer: some of these apps we use often, others we just found while researching this topic. Most importantly, don't spend all your time with your phone, get out and ski!

The List:
MVSTA Grooming Report App Free and available for Android phones too
Nordic Glide Wax Which wax to use: lists Swix, Toko and Solda
Ski the Loup  Free Loup Loup ski area report
Methow Valley News The Methow Valley's weekly newspaper
Racesplitter: time your intervals, time a full Nordic ski race
Ski Tracks: created for alpine but measures some of what we want to know in Nordic
Ski-o-Meter: how fast are you skiing
Hangtimer: how much time have you spent in mid-air on your skis (or bike)
Sportstracker: in the Methow Valley working out 3 times/day is the norm
Cyclemeter: track,track, track what you've done
Yoga Stretch: a class is better and the Methow has a lot of great Yoga classes, but it is a tool
Skyview: point phone to the sky for all the info on stars and planets
Weather Channel : we haven't found the perfect Methow Valley weather app, have you?

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