Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Trail Karma Day- Give back to Buck

HELP! If you have ever experienced the thrill of Buck Mountain this is your opportunity to give back! The trail on Buck Mountain is getting overgrown and is in need of widening. Grab a pair of loppers and join in on Methow Valley Trail Karma day on Buck Mountain Sunday May 23th at 9am.. We need volunteers to help clear the descents of Buck Mountain. Bring your bike, backpack and a pair of loppers/shears (borrow from a friend or neighbor if you don't own this tool) We will mountain bike in to the half way point and work on the most critical area. Hikers and trail runners are welcome too as there is work needed on each end of the trail.
Date: Sunday May 23rd
Time: 9am
Place: Meet at the Buck Mountain Trailhead: First Creek Ranch/Cub Creek
Bring: LOPPERS!, bike, backpack, food, drink and sunscreen.
More info: call 509-996-8179


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