Sunday, March 7, 2010

What I know for sure.

I know for sure that the MVSTA Groomers are magicians with the snow! The skiing is still incredible in the Rendezvous and Sun Mountain areas. What the groomers have been able to do with the snow this year is nothing short of magic. Today ends our regular season of selling trail passes HOWEVER because the skiing is so good we will be doing selected grooming in the Sun Mountain and Rendezvous areas throughout the coming week and offering free skiing. So despite the low snow year our groomers have carried us until the same closing day as last year! And each day has been incredibly good skiing.

Here's what the groomers know for sure:
1. It doesn't take a lot of snow to make perfect Nordic Trails.
2. A Groomer's work takes dedication, patience, mechanical wizardry and a love of skiing.
3. The ribbon of trail we groom lasts a very long time! Rain showers or warm temperatures do not melt away the trail in a day.
4. Winter is a lot shorter than spring, summer and fall so you should take every opportunity you can to ski and ski often.
5. Groomers prefer to bask in the moonlight rather than the spotlight. They are out at 2,3,and 4am creating perfect corduroy.
6. Job satisfaction comes in grooming over a trail littered with skate ski marks.
7. Your support of MVSTA supports the paycheck of a groomer, the fuel, the machinery, the maintenance and the magic.

Thanks for a great season!

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David Folweiler said...

Thank goodness for the work of the groomer in the Methow. They are the primary reason we return year over year (John at Tappi is the second reason).

They do such a fine job, that I cannot thank them enough. Keep it up and we'll keep coming year on year.