Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Podium Dances

Ok, so we don't have snow in the lower Valley floor, YET! which means we have been goofing around on our new podium. (who doesn't love a podium?) BUT it looks like Tim and Dave will have the ice ready by this weekend so we can get out the sticks, pucks and skates. AND our very favorite, hardly every wrong, meteorologist Bill Biddle just wrote this December forecast in the Methow Valley News. Here's his prediction:
"So where’s the snow that the valley is famous for in December? Patience, dear readers, patience. The snow is waiting for the waning of the full moon, which will be happening during the first weekend. And, as the calendar would have it, the waxing of a blue moon during the final weekend (immediately after Christmas) will usher in another snowstorm, but this one will be much more vigorous than the snow of the first weekend. But Weatherwatch readers can take solace in the verve and vigor of the snow and cold of this December. Early winter this year has had a potpourri of snow/cold and rain/warm events. This will continue throughout the whole winter, but the first blast of truly cold air will come over the first weekend accompanied by a snowstorm, then another snowstorm, and yet another snowstorm. By mid-month two feet plus will blanket the valley. And cold – brrrrr!"
Bill, if you are correct we will be saving the #1 podium spot for you!

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