Thursday, July 9, 2009

Methow Valley Mountain Bike Trail Conditions

The wildflowers are out and the high country snow is melting fast thus mountain bike season in the Methow is in full swing. Here is an update of current mountain bike trail conditions (July 9th) in the Methow Valley.

Sun Mountain Trails are lovely, simply lovely
Twisp River Trail is clear and in good shape
Buck Mountain is clear and in good shape, cows are grazing up there
Virginia Ridge is clear and in good shape
Pearrygin Ridge Trail is clear and in good shape thanks to the efforts of Methow Cycle&Sport, the Forest Service, local smoke jumpers and volunteers that cleared over 100 blowdowns off this trail
Falls Creek-8 Mile Ridge Loop Fall Creek trail to Burch Mountain has 10 blowdowns on the trail but the trail is otherwise in good shape although maybe hard to follow in places. The 8 mile ridge loop trail has well over 50 blowdowns and the trail can be hard to follow. Tree clearing has begun on the lower 1/3 of the trail.
Bear Mountain Figure 8, Lightning Creek, Starvation Mountain and Blue Buck Trails are all in good shape although a bit dusty and sandy in places
Pipestone Canyon This trail is best ridden in the spring and fall to avoid the rattlesnakes. The Pipestone ridge trail or "hard loop" is in horrible condition due to a flash flood of water running down the trail. Pipestone "easy loop" riding Beaver Creek and Lester Road is a much better option.
West Fork of Methow River Trail Again thanks to the efforts of Methow Cycle&Sport, the Forest Service and local volunteers this trail was cleared about 5 miles in. The last 3 miles of this trail are still very brushy but the trail is in good shape. Long pants are highly recommended when riding this trail.
Cutthroat Lake trail is in great shape. Some snow at the very top.
Cedar Creek Trail is in good shape
Rendezvous Trails: ALL the singletrack trails have been cleared and signed in the Rendezvous!!! This wasn't easy after some intense logging in this area. A HUGE thanks to Mark and Margaret Waechter who have spent hours and hours clearing and signing these trails. The doubletrack ski trails in and around the huts are also fine for biking.
Foggy Dew/Angels Staircase These trails are in great shape. As of July 13th only small snow patches are at the top of Angels Staircase.

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