Wednesday, April 1, 2009

MVSTA Opens Rendezvous Area to All

In a surprise move, the MVSTA board has approved opening the Rendezvous ski trails to include horses, llamas, goats,chickens and small pet rodents. Executive Director Jay Lucas commented on the new rules saying "Due to the widely popular success of dogs on the trail we felt like it was important to recognize these other types of pets. It's not enough to have ultra-fit people and dogs in the Valley, we need to get our chickens in shape too".
Cats were excluded from the mix because dogs and cats just don't mix.


Barn Bicycle camping said...

I promised my cat to take her skiing April 1, Does this mean I can no longer bond with my pet in the Rendezvous? I also have a wolf that I wanted to take.

MVSTA said...

We are working on some feline opportunities at the Ice Rink...stay tuned.
The wolf issue we don't even want to touch