Sunday, October 12, 2008

Profile of a Winner!

Con Rigas of Bellingham was the Curtlo Frame Winner at the 22nd Annual Fall Bicycle Festival. We asked Con for a cycling bio and here is what we got. Congratulations Con, we hope you'll love the Curtlo as much as your Woodrup.

I am 65 years young(edited by MVSTA).
Bicycling has been an important part of my life almost from day 1.
My 1951 Columbia saw me through my paper route, undergrad college, and medical school. When I married, in 1967, my trusted Columbia served us well: shopping, laundromat,etc. This was our major source of transportation. After medical school,1970, my wife and I were able to afford Raleigh 3 speeds.
I became more serious about bike touring and went on to purchase a
Woodrup,about 1980. The Woodrup family only produced 200 frames per year. They took great care in making their frames. The Woodrup is still my favorite touring bike. I plan to do a transcontinental trip next year. My interest in off road cycling grew when I discovered the fat tire trails near Cable, Wisconsin. I continued to ride these trails on a regular basis for over 15 years.
About 2000, I also became interested in recumbent riding. I will vary the kind of riding I do depending on the group I am with, but use my touring , off rode, and recumbent bicycles on a regular basis.
I discovered off rode biking in the Methow Valley just this year.
I am very fortunate to have won this frame.
Constantine ( Con ) Rigas

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